Music is a motivator: How to create the best music playlist for your workout

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Motivation is hard to come by. It seems we are always finding excuses to not exercise. Sure, a day stuck on the couch, cuddled up in a blanket is not a bad idea, but breaking a sweat isn’t so bad either. Finding the motivation to exercise can be very difficult, especially if you’re new to fitness.

Luckily, there are tons of fitness tips out there, to keep you motivated throughout the fitness journey.  I recently read, 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals by Alison Heilig, and I related to so much, especially the part about not getting enough sleep (I’m the worst with that). One thing that was missing and that people seem to forget is that creating the best workout playlist is very important.

A workout playlist can make or break a workout, because music is a great motivator. The right song can completely change a workout. Don’t let a bad playlist ruin your workout. It’s time to think about creating a new playlist; I’m sure your year-old playlist won’t mind.

Here are some helpful questions to ask when creating a work out playlist:

What type of workout?

Running/ High cardio: For a running or high intense cardio work out, you want to pick songs that match your running tempo or your cardio beat. A great running song can help you keep pace and stay energized throughout the workout (because you know your gonna need it!). There are many song options for running/ cardio but they are all so different, so explore what’s out there and find what energizes you!

My picks:

Home by Yellow Claw

Solo Dance by Martin Jensen ∼ Be Somebody by Steve Aoki + Romero (feat.)

Strength training: Need a boost during that last squat? Songs that have rhythm are great for repetitions but you can’t just pick any one. Pick a song that gets your mind of those burning muscles (you’re gonna need it).

My pick:  Rewind by Wingtip


Does this song motivate you?

A great workout song will meet your workout needs and motivate you to push further. Of course, you want to find a song you like, but it’s important it motivates you throughout the workout. Basically, it has to be a song you really like, because you’re probably gonna be hearing a lot of it.

My Picks:

bodyache by Purity Ring

Idwgaf by Borgeous ∼ Bloodstain (Galantis Remix) by Wrabel

What is the theme for the workout?

Workout playlists also need variety. Try incorporating a theme for the music playlist to keep your workouts interesting each time. There’s enough repetition in workouts to begin with; don’t make your playlist a bore, vary it up!

Throwback playlists are one of my favorites to create. Everyone loves a good throwback tune, because they’re super fun and just puts you in a great mood.

My picks:

Mr. Brightside by the Killer

Shake it by Metro Station ∼ Paper Planes by Kala

Songs for the cool down:

It is very important to always stretch before and after a workout. Wind down and enjoy the endorphin high with some great favorites.

Afterlife by XYLO

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac ∼ Split Stones by Maggie Rogers

Staying active, while living a busy life is hard but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Create a new playlist, for your next workout and have fun with it! Feel free to share your favorite playlists in the comments below.



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